60 Minute Evaluation

The evaluation starts by going over the student’s goals and what they would like to get out of the session. From there they will hit various shots and video will be taken to analyze the swing motion. We will also track ball flight data to understand how we can optimize distance and accuracy. By the end of the hour the student will have a solid understanding of their swing and what they need to do on going in order to achieve their goals.

All swing videos will be sent to the student to keep and review any time they wish. All gift certificates come in a PDF format so you can either physically give it to the recipient or you can send it to them through email.

Evaluation plus 2 follow up lessons

This begins with the same evaluation that’s described above but now the student has the chance to come back and make sure the ideas are sticking and/or ask any questions they may have with their new motion. The two follow up lessons will last only 30 minutes since we did most of the work in the evaluation.