Golf Lessons

1 Hour Assessment                   

The assessment will be begin by going over your goals, experience, and commitment level before moving onto the skills test, K-Vest analysis, and video diagnosis.  After assessing the motion sensor numbers and your skill level versus your goals, I will create a blue print for success that is specific to you with a realistic time frame for improvement. 

Assessment or Club fitting     $125


30 Minute Lessons

Just enough time to focus on one main issue but with limited time and use of the video and motion analysis technologies.

5   pack                                   $350           

10 pack                                   $600

15 pack                                    $750                    


1 Hour lessons            

The ultimate in private instruction.  We can work on game specific aspects like driving, GIR's, wedge control, etc.  There is also more time to utilize the K-Vest Bio-feedback system which tracks your long term development and provides fact based diagnosis in real time during swings/drills.

5 Pack                                        $575           

10 Pack                                      $1000         

15 Pack                                      $1275 


Outdoor playing lessons

Playing lessons are done at a local 9 hole course. While on the course you will be video taped from different views and will be reviewed after completion.  As we walk, we will talk about different aspects of your game that I notice could be worked on at later lessons. You will also receive notes and a video critique via email.


*Pricing could increase dependent on; upgraded course and number of holes.