Eric S.- Aspiring Tour Pro

Eric S.- Aspiring Tour Pro

Our state of the art gym is complete with everything you could want or need including; free weights, medicine balls, battle ropes, nataulis machines, elliptical, treadmill, spin bike, power plate, universal gym and more.  

All fitness programs start with an initial assessment where you will be tested on a few key performance metrics and range of motion will be measured on the K-Vest system.  Once your test results are evaluated, a customized workout plan will be made just for you.  Workouts are 60 minute sessions twice a week.

You do not need to take golf lessons at Casey Wire Golf to get fitness training.  Training sessions revolve around three main parts;  Functional movements for the swing, high intensity intervals for cardio, and weight training for strength and fat burning.  

The Titleist Performance Institute, the leader in golf fitness, and K-Vest have teamed up to provide fact based diagnosis for golf/fitness professionals by using wireless bio-feedback technology to measure swing efficiency (via the kinematic sequence) and then easily communicate how stability and mobility issues are affecting the swing which then demonstrates the value of golf-specific fitness programs.


8 pack (1 month)                 $85             $680

24 pack (3 month)              $70             $1680