Road to Remax

On November 12th 2014, one of my students embarked on a personal journey to become a long drive champion at the age of 23.  Nathan came to me for help him with his fitness regimen and had specific goals of increasing range of motion and strengthening his core.

When Nathan started on Nov. 12th he weighed 252 and exhibited limited mobility in the thoracic spine and lower body (hips and ankles).  He also had trouble balancing on one leg as well as getting on and off the bosu ball for squats (bosu ball has a flat side to stand on).  When doing over head squats with a rod, he could not go the whole way down without letting the heels come off the ground.  

The plan is to workout two days a week with a focus on functional training and strength training coupled with high intensity interval training.  The goal is to increase range of motion and core strength as well as increase ball speed from the current max of 174mph to 190+.  

With these improvements, Nathan would have what it takes to compete with the top professionals at the Remax Long Drive Championship.  At the age of 23 he surely has time on his side and look forward to the journey ahead.  #roadtoremax