Gone are the days when all it took to get an athletic scholarship was having good athletic talent.  You see 15 years ago there were no eligibility requirements to qualify for a scholarship.  Now, colleges are not only looking for student athletes but they're looking for scholar athletes.  

FACT: Currently there are different eligibility requirements for three of the four high school grades which dictate if you can even play as a freshman at the D1 or D2 level.

My brother was highly recruited out of high school for football.  My father was a great athlete in his own right but did not go to college and was unsure of what it takes to play in college.  Out of necessity he learned as much as he could about recruiting standards, eligibility, etc.  He did this by talking with parents, college coaches, and college athletes.  My brother was fortunate enough to attain a scholarship to Stanford University and eventual went on to play for 9 years in the NFL.  Now, my father is the foremost expert on this subject and we speak at high schools all over the country.  

One aspect of what I can do for your student athlete is helping you understand NCAA eligibility and recruiting standards for golf.  I can even help track your son or daughters eligibility with quarterly status reports to see if they are on track academically to play in college.  We can do this by using our proprietary NCAA Eligibility Calculator, 

You will also be educated on and helped with marketing of your student athlete to colleges by creating highlight reels and creating "resume" packets.

Did You Know:  70% of all financial aid/scholarships come from DIII, NAIA, and Junior Colleges.

You can purchase our book at my online store.  It contains everything related to academics, athletics, marketing, and recruiting.