Congratulations!  You are finding yourself shooting in the 90's more often than not and playing competent golf.  Now, are you ready to take it to the next level?  Luckily, as a mid handicapper it's still fairly easy to lower your average score compared to lower handicap.   

The first step to breaking 90 consistently is a combination of a few things like distance control, GIR, Putts per round, and more.   When you take golf lessons at the Casey Wire Golf Academy, all your averages will be tracked so you can have tangible feedback on improvement levels.  Playing lessons will also be an integral  part of this process at this point.

To find out what is holding you back from shooting in the 80's more often fill out the questionnaire and I will start to create a blue print just for you.  

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How far do you drive the ball?
How far is a typical shot with your driver?
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What are your divots like with irons?